The Studio


My wife saves everything.  Every single drawing, every single ticket stub, every single artifact that relates to our girls and all our adventures.  I found myself standing in front of five overflowing boxes filled  with STUFF, and it was at that moment that I realized: These are the raw materials I need to use to tell their story.  

As parents, we are compelled to capture every moment, document each rite of passage and adore every doodle of our child’s life. But what to do with the these piles of momentoes stored away in boxes?

My Life Studio transforms your years of collected artifacts into a work of original, fine art.  We create a bespoke, original,  collaborative piece of fine art that captures the most precious moments, the amazing growth, the remarkable adventures and notable rites of passage experienced by your family.  We will synthesize years of growth into one fine art piece, a piece to be passed on from generation to generation.   

At My Life Studio we believe that  Beautiful art should tell a story, and every story should be told.