At My Life Studio, we have a great appreciation for the details and memories that make life so special, as well as a passion for the aesthetic. It is our mission to capture the memories of our clients, and through collaboration, create something truly unique and beautiful.  

How It Works


  1. Initial Consultation: Artist and client collaborate in order to fulfill the client's artistic vision: motif, medium, product, aesthetic.   All conversation and inspiration are welcome and encouraged at My Life Studio.

  2. Schematic: The artist presents: concept, materials, and timeline.  Through further collaboration the artist and client agree on variables such as size, color, artistic medium and final composition. 

  3. Contract: When that final design is contractually agreed upon, the production phase will begin.  Our pricing depends on the artworks measurements and medium chosen.  We do accommodate a range of budgets.  On average our clients typically invest two to four thousand  on their artwork.

In order to secure an appointment and move ahead with this process, please call or email My Life Studio.